Worlds Division Prediction Sheet - Updates every 5 minutes

I saw that in previous years people made division predictors… so I made one for this year’s worlds!

This sheet ^ updates every 5 minutes based on new teams joining into divisions (based on how teams are usually sorted into divisions).
Based on the quantity of each competition, it guesses how many divisions each competition has.
It currently has VRC HS, VRC MS, VEX U, JROTC, VIQC MS, and VIQC ES.

Right now, this sheet is not accurate because teams are joining literally every hour.
If anyone has any ideas to improve the sheet, tell them below.


Not sure why you want to update every 5 mins. You are mostly pulling the same data over and over and over. Pulling once an hour is mostly overkill too, but once an hour is much better than 12 times an hour.

At most I’d pull on the even hours. Not sure that there is a demand to track this data in almost real time. Be kind to servers you don’t own.


I will do even less frequent than that.
It is still consider as “early” pre-worlds days, there are States that have not completed yet.

I would think that from now till early April, twice a day is more than sufficient.
But once we are 2 weeks before worlds, then a few times a day will make sense.


Okay I must admit, 5 minutes is excessive…
But I have another tracker (that I used to run every 5 minutes, but its gotten spammy) that shows teams are signing up every ~10-20 minutes.

Think it will spiked up on Mondays and Tuesdays (assuming States are mostly over the weekends).

If that’s the case, then what Foster suggested will work better?

Goot job btw.

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Thanks! I’m going to start polling every 1 hour now.

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