Worlds Division Predictions

I wrote a quick program yesterday to retrieve the list of teams attending worlds and sort them into divisions based on an algorithm you type (AABBCDDC).

With the most obvious algorithm (ABCD), it looks like Science could easily become the hardest division to compete in, with 2915A, 2921B, and 1492X all in that one division.

Download it here:

Have fun.


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worlds qualifying is not done yet so this list is not the real thing.

It retrieves the list from the website directly so the list updates itself.

That is really cool.

Your also not taking into account that many of these teams will be spending the next month building a whole new robot for worlds so you don’t really know what to expect. I can tell you that the batteries are the only thing on our robot that will be going to worlds with us. We have had competitions every Saturday since Jan 4th with little time to finish our new robot. After Muskogee this Saturday we will spend an entire month finishing our robot for worlds. I really suspect many teams will be doing this after nationals so I wouldn’t make too many predictions just yet.

The only robot’s I have seen that I expect to be the same or slightly improved are the ones that have been cleaning the playing field already. We are anticipating a 65 point autonomous, decent scoring, wicked fast descoring, and great defense. I’m just afraid we will get stuck with some 6th grade clawbots that somehow made it to worlds :frowning:

That is true. But there will always be teams you know you have to watch out for. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if Science won again.

Wouldn’t that be a good thing? :smiley:
Easy competition!

No, they always seem to be our alliance… At Lake Highlands we had one match where we were with Berkner, then 4 matches with middle school claw bots that did not score or descore a single point. When you see a 6th grader to your right and 9090C and 1366 accross the field you know things are notgoing to go well!

It looks bad. We were in the math Division with 1915A last year and will be in Science Division with 2915A again.

The jar doesn’t work for me. Says: “could not find the main class: main.Main. Program will exit”

Am I doing something wrong?

Great simulator… but where do you get the list from?
It looks like there are quite a number of teams that have already qualified for Worlds but are not listed inside. So it might make a difference to the simulation result.

And from last year, their main objective is to split up the teams from the same school into different division. For example, last year, 8059 had 4 teams in 4 different divisions.

I’m having the same problem :frowning:

Could someone tell me were 2250B is located??? I think I’m gonna end up in Math division. Please confirm!

For those who say it’s not working: make sure Java is up to date.

JMS95, nobody can confirm which division you are in. Nobody knows the algorithm that will be used, nor have all the teams been updated on the RobotEvents WC Team List.

But I meant in the list from this thread, not the real thing.

Just imagine what would happen to all your predictions if team 1A had to cancel at the last minute…

Enjoy yourselves. :slight_smile:


Using ABCD, for 2250B: Science.

It’s working perfectly for me. I see 346 teams signed up and the program found 346 teams for me. Team 2250B is currently shown in Science using the algorithm ABCD. However, VEX used a very random-looking algorithm last year.



Since they saw this post, the algorithm will probably be waaaaaayyy different from ABCD :stuck_out_tongue:


This is exactly what I was trying to point out to you guys.

  1. The list used is not the completed list… so the simulation result will not be correct.

  2. Vex uses a very different algo. And as I had mentioned, Vex’s 1st concern is to split up the teams from the same school, and then it will be random in nature.

Yep! We know, this list was made to have some fun, really. :slight_smile: Me (and a few other people) were playing around with different algorithms in Excel, and it was a bit of a pain copy/pasting the new team list and trying out new algorithms every time. Now that iAndr0idOs made this, it will be much easier!