Worlds Elims

Hey, how does quals and elims work at worlds? How many teams in each division make elims and how do interdivisional brackets work? Can’t wait for worlds!

Per all the info on the website… Of course there is 10 divisions, with approx. 80 teams in each. You will play 1 practice match (doesn’t count), and then 10 qualifier matches (203ish total in your division will be played). From there of course teams are ranked, and then the top 16 teams pick in each division, making 32/80ish advancing to elims. Elims for divisions is the standard format, no bys. From there the divisional winner (2 teams in one alliance) in each division (10 alliances) will then play each other (ranked based on a different criteria I think) for the title World Champions, in a 10 alliance bracket. Any other questions?


Check latest game manual, theres a section completely detailing how overall elimination rounds will be played and how teams are seeded


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