Worlds Emcees / Taiwan

Why have the MCs in every worlds division(even the dome during opening ceremonies) constantly refer to teams based in Taiwan as from “The Chinese Taipei”? This is definitely not done on accident, considering it has been said every time a Taiwan team is mentioned. Not only is it extremely disrespectful to the teams being directly addressed, it is plain wrong, considering the “Chinese Taipei” term has been used in mentioning teams from other parts of Taiwan(not Taipei, the city). Anyone got an idea?


Common term for international sporting events. Details and explanation here: Chinese Taipei - Wikipedia

Opinions about it’s use vary…I offer no opinion, just information.


Politics, politics, politics.

Vex stuff is predominantly made in China, and you don’t get your stuff made easily by calling what the Chinese government considers a rogue region by a recognized country name that technically only a handful of countries officially recognize.


Vex robotics should be ashamed of themselves for disrespecting the Taiwanese teams. The host nation formally recognizes Taiwan and the teams themselves say that they are from Taiwan. But Vex caves to the CCP just like Nike, the NBA, and too many others. It really is shameful. I, for one, personally welcomed the Taiwanese teams and let them know that i was happy they’re here at Worlds and that they deserve to be recognized in the parade of nations representing their sovereign country, Taiwan, just like every other nation. Shame on you, Vex.


Economic and geopolitical realities play a role as EngineerMike laid out. You did the right thing in welcoming them and recognizing them as Taiwanese, but the incentives for individuals are different from those of companies. Whether overt or implied, it may be the case where recognizing them officially as “Taiwan” would have led to adverse consequences either to the teams or to VEX. Of note, this is also how Taiwan is recognized at the Olympics: Chinese Taipei at the Olympics - Wikipedia

Separately, I would really like to recognize and commend RECF for celebrating Native American nations in the Opening Ceremonies!


Sadly, the host nation does not.


Right. My mistake for assuming based on US politicians in both parties visiting Taiwan in show of support for them. But you’re right, it’s not the same as formal recognition and the show of support evidently is nothing more than just that “show”. I hope others join me in making Taiwanese teams feel welcome despite the snub.