Worlds Excellence Award High School Qualification Question


Does this only apply to college teams?
What are the requirements for the VEX High School World Championship Excellence Award?

Dear Simmons 2.0,

The response that you quoted was in response to a question about the college competition, VRCC. The answer does not apply to high school teams.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Miller III

Mr. Roberts,

Thank you for your helpful response!

I do have more questions:
What do high school teams have to do in order to be considered for the World Championship Excellence Award?
Also, the inverse: What things would disqualify a team from being considered for the World Championship Excellence Award?

Edit: I just realized I posted the wrong link for the quotation in my first post. Here is the correct link:
Thanks for answering off of the quote instead of the improper link! :slight_smile:

Simmons 2.0,

Please consult the VEX Gateway awards appendix, specifically page 3 for answers regarding being considered for an Excellence Award during the 2012 VRC World Championship.

The VEX Gateway awards appendix can be found here:

What would disqualify a team from earning the Excellence Award? This is a harder question to answer because there is no one answer. I would suggest that everyone be aware of rule <G17> in the VEX Gateway manual.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to post again or send me a private forum message.

That clears it all up, thank you!