World's Expense

I am amazed at the expense for Worlds this year for the hotel. We went to check on rooms at the same hotel we have used for years and it has gone from $120 to $225 since last year (it was $89 for us when World’s first moved to Louisville) and it wasn’t one that was close to the arena. I am assuming once you get the “World’s” rate it my be less, but we never used that before, or the company (is Get Sports managing this again?)

And registration went from $850 to $975 for the event, so that needs to be included too.

I assume registration fees don’t include food, so if we go would we just get fast food? Or does the hotel have it

you pay for you own food, however you get it (at the arena or bring in your own)

Everything related to participating in Vex at any level has gotten more expensive and the rate of increase gets higher as the competition level gets higher.

I did finally get in touch with the hotel directly, and they have a World’s rate, or think they do without using an intermediary company, the one responsible for that is out until Tuesday so will know then. It was more like the $120’ish we paid lest year and they have been a great hotel for us. Just trying to plan a bit if we qualify. However, I was definitely surprised at the IQ attendance, it is now 800 teams from 580 last year for World’s so the registration fees went from $500k to $780k.

IQ registration is now $780k? Perhaps you meant $780? Or are you referring to the registration cost of everyone combined?

everyone combined: $975 * 800

I am seeing prices all over the place. The place I liked is now $224 a night while others are not as high like a Residence Inn in Hurstbourne.

Meanwhile the Hyatt Regency downtown is $189 and the Omni is around the same price. Those are generally great hotel brands.

So I think some are counting on filling a bunch of rooms and starting with the prices high.

If you are not looking through the event booking site (which may not be up yet) you are probably getting the hotel’s “rack rate,” which is nearly always going to be higher than you will actually pay. I haven’t checked this year yet, but World Champs is close to the Kentucky Derby season which fills up the hotels and keeps rates high.