Worlds extra spots?

How do they fill the extra spots for world? Do they get a certain number from each state? Certain number from world skills or just random?

Not 100%, but the wait list may come into affect. It’s not from world skills, other than the top 25, but those are already accounted for.

Someone told me in came from skills. Thanks

Each state is allotted a certain number of spots, and if teams double qualify those come from skills in that region.

Any idea on number or does it change every year?

It changes each year based upon state participation and growth

Are the numbers by country/state published? Also when are the extras announced?

In recent years they haven’t been very transparent with this. Maybe with new leadership they will be a little more open.

Well, in theory, there is this document that specifies the number of spots for different areas. On the other hand, California is listed as having 16 MS spots, yet there were 20 qualifying awards assigned to the state championships. We’ll see soon…