Worlds Field Setup

Field setup anyone?

I don’t see anything wrong


I see the center four are wrong. Well it’s to late now :confused:

And no telling if it was fixed. That said - equally disadvantageous to both alliances - so no replay, teams should have pointed it out.

yeah, doesn’t give either team an advantage, but I’m surprised nobody noticed lol

anybody have a link to the video of the match?

What if you had an auton just for this scenario. You know, just a casual 3 mogo auton.

Imagine running your 2 mogo hoard auton to only capture 2 of your own mogos lul.

that would not be too bad - you are in a good position. Now imagine you went for the far Mogo and brought them into your zone! that would not be good.


@Zach929Y Ya that happened to the local vex u team. #BacktoBackFinalist