Worlds from 1000 miles away

I watched the webcast when I could for the last few says.

B L O W N Away by the angles, the feeds the action the comments. It looks like there are chain shackles on Paul C’s ankles to keep him from running around the stage. He is just wired with energy, knows the teams, how they are doing, backstories, etc. From sitting at home I could see everything I wanted, sound was good, video was good, it was almost as good as being there.

This is the new benchmark in how to do events I’ve never been so amazed by watching the match and have it be like being there.

Great jobs guys the best WC ever. Just do it again next year!!!


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Yep. Pretty impressive. I watched the finals in my living room on the big screen… the only difference between the feed and a network TV feed was that there were no commercials!

Well done, folks.


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I’ve been watching for the past 5 years, and every year it gets better. In previous years, I’ve reported, “This was great, but…” This year, there was nothing I could think of to add.

This is both awesome and frightening. When the things that make us weak and strange have been engineered away, I hope that doesn’t put someone out of a job.

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