Worlds Fundraising On Short Notice


Does anyone have any ideas pertaining to fundraising in a short time? We have qualified for worlds but are out of money.


You could try asking companies for sponsorships and put their logo on your team T-shirts or on your robot. You also might be able to find a grant that could help your school pay for the trip. A GoFundMe might also work? Our school ended up doing a mix of all three strategies, but you’ll have to figure out what model works best for your team.


Bake sale, car wash, sell sponsors a spot on the back of your shirt, sell your little brother, run a raffle, sell for more money advertising spots on your robot, start a go fund me, hit grandma up for your birthday $10 now, offer to to yard cleanups …

Lots of things to try!


You could get a bit of a fundraising boost from an Edco Power Grant, if you use them instead:


One fundraiser that I saw a Boy Scout Troop do was door-to-door lawn aeration. A lawn aerator can be rented from a hardware store for ~$100/day, and can be operated by most teenagers. This is also the Spring, which is one of the times it’s recommended. If you pick the right neighborhoods and charge a reasonable price, you can rake in a fair bit of cash in a single Saturday.


My FRC team in rookie season qualified for Worlds on the All-Star award. It was totally unexpected, so we just went back to our sponsors and begged for more money. Bringing the finished product that could climb a rope also helped, but it had to stay bagged. (VRC robots can do a demonstration)

A cool idea we were going to do last summer was to make a couple of giant 50’s style robots on lawn sticks decorated like the team. We planned to plant them in people’s yards, then leave a note on the door saying that they had been “invaded.” They could move the robot to another address by calling a number, and someone would come move it and collect $10. It’d be self-running over a couple of days, and everyone would take shifts driving around.
(Of course, we’d offer to take it away for free if anyone didn’t appreciate the gag. That was the danger. And it would’ve been high-energy.)


Do you know if Edco helps to fundraise for teams outside of the United States?


You’ll want to contact them directly, I’m not sure what their regional limitations are.


It’s probably a little late for this, but some schools/organizations make a small business such as making and selling t-shirts, stickers, or they run little shows or parades with their robots for parties and group gatherings and stuff. I guess you could consider this an idea for future years in robotics.


i like how no one realized what you said lmao


Oh, I saw. But when I tried it the cops stopped me, unfortunately. I had a couple of pretty high bids, too…


Possibly illegal…
Go fund me or getting sponsors works well.


@Nerdom – nothing gets past you :slight_smile: it was meant to be a humor post, I think @Chris_A and @Got_a_Screw_Loose got it.