Worlds Interviews

Dear Vex Forum,

      This will be my second time to worlds but it will be my teams first time interviewing. How many team members are supposed to go to the design interview? Additionally, since the Exellence award is now as a club, how many members of the club would you send? SO how many for the other interviews too?

    Thank you for your consideration!

I am by the way the team leader of team 1489D and as a team. we have won…
2 Exellence Awards
2 tournament champions
1 design Award
1 sportsmanship award
1 Robot skills award

Does anyone even think they care how many people you bring ?

There is not a minimum or maximum number of team members that a team may bring to an interview. For club interviews it is probably to your advantage to be sure to have a representative of each team present, however it is not required. You should also remember that the time per interview is limited and that only a few members of the team/club will have time to speak.

Dear vex forum,
This is our 3rd time to worlds but first being able to go in for the design award interviews. Does anyone have any tips for my middle school team about the interviews? They have their notebook all ready, what else?

Make sure to be VERY specific and detail oriented in explaining design process and integration of the design notebook. Don’t be afraid of the judges, and just relax. You are at the WC, competing against the best of the best. That says a lot about your team already.

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