Worlds Livestream Quality

I was just about to type this. QR27 | 0:34:25 in the video description on youtube creates a chapter named QR27 that begins at that timestamp.


This is awesome! unfortunately, it doesn’t have day 2 matches (at least for Technology).

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Geez. Yeah at that point, storing the videos
, cutting them up and hosting them yourself is the better solution at that point.

14000+ matches and the tech for that almost necessitates your own solution.

Definite plans for me to auto index matches for my States next year


I know it’s late but the amount of data to process is huge even for my server. I promise something is cooking.

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Here is the output of the latest iteration,

It sucks. I would have to put in too much time to improve the algorithm, or I would have to ask everyone here to solve captchas (of match number and type).
@Dave_Flowerday I know you said it earlier…

Can I please have the timing data?

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Could you share the youtube-dl command options to download the elementary videos ?
I’m looking to get the videos from Elementary technology



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Use this extension to grab the URL: The m3u8 Stream Detector – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

Make sure you play the video in 1080p and then select the 1080p-byteranges in the extension.

and the command looks something like this for the link you provided, IQ elementry technology

youtube-dl  --restrict-filenames ""

Without the extension, you can get that URL by going to the network tab of dev tools and searching for 1080p-bytestream in the requests list. (if you don’t understand this sentence, that’s fine, just get the extension)


thank you! the extension actually copied the entire download command! running it now and will update how it goes.

It is not by “they”, but by one person, and that person is @Cut_to_the_Bot

Scroll down the thread, and there is a post about how he did it.

Sadly, he stopped this service to the community one or two years after he stopped competing in vrc.


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