Worlds location for 2021-2024 to be announced July 18th 5:30pm CST

Shows up on a banner on - announcement will be on VRC TV CH1

Speculate locations :slight_smile:


Dallas or Houston…


If they’re announcing it and making a big enough deal over it to stream it, that pretty much means it is going to move.

I’m not sure, but I’m hoping it stays in the Midwestern US. It’s worked out pretty well for continental teams in the past as a central location. (Plus it’s convenient for those of us close by, but that’s true of any location.)

But Texas does make sense logistically. As long as I don’t have to fly there I’ll be happy. (Though others will… but I’ll still be happy.)


I’m resigned to Texas, but I’d certainly prefer the midwest or even Florida.

-picking nits-
I would venture a guess they actually mean that the announcement will be livstreamed at 5:30pm CDT instead of CST (daylight time instead of standard time).
-/picking nits-

Yeah, some of my friends and I are banking on Texas. It makes operations a whole lot cheaper for them I assume in terms of moving staff and equipment.

It’ll be almost 11 years by the time if it moves back to Dallas. Last I checked, that arena couldn’t handle the full capacity of VRC finals, could it? Especially now with 8 divisions?

I’m crossing my fingers for east coast, but yeah, seems like Texas is the best guess.

Hee-Haw or Nah

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I refuse to believe everyone thinks that next year’s location is Texas.


If the number of HS and MS divisions will increase by 2 each, that would translate into about 25-30% increase in required floor space (assuming similar division sizes).

Kentucky Exposition Center had space to squeeze one or two extra divisions, but not four.

Looking up comparison table of US conventions centers by size that would require something like 1,500,000 sq ft total space or higher.

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX conveniently matches that number and if you look at their event schedule for April, 2020 it has a suspicious gap right around Worlds 2020, while both March and May events are all listed back to back.

I think the number of additional divisions was the function of the available total floor space.



VRCTV Ch. 1 Link


The New place won’t start till 2021, so that gap really doesn’t matter

I think either Texas or Nashville.


Good catch!


San Antonio? Maybe there’s room in the basement of the Alamo.


You missed the “s”

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So currently… if you take all the halls from the KEC that will be used this year, excluding Freedom Hall, it’s about 674K sq ft.

That’s exhibition space, which is the important space to use.

So in theory, any convention center that’s used will need to eclipse that number.

The biggest need is for an arena to mirror the capacity of Freedom Hall, which sits close to 19k.


You are right if the second requirement, in addition to the total exhibition space, is to have a hall with at least 10k seats, then there seems to be only a couple of available locations.

Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan has 20,058 seat Arena and Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta has adjacent State Farm Arena, that could also seat close to 20k.


Could they possibly split venues? Tournament in one venue and large arena at another close- y venue? Not ideal but doable with careful planning. The only time the arena gets filled is for opening ceremony and round robin/reveal. Others could be accommodated in a smaller arena.

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More importantly, is there an amusement park near any of those venues??!! That’s a big draw for my team.


There’s six flags and some other things in Atlanta, Georgia. (About a 30 min-maybe 50 min drive from the arena if traffic is super bad, I haven’t been to Atlanta in a while so it’s hard to tell with the traffic) (it’s less than 20 miles apart)

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I’d love It to be Nashville

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