Worlds Megathread

So who is excited for that game reveal at Worlds? I know I am


This year it was also said that the team pits would remain in sequential order. However, I think a lot of teams would have preferred to not walk across a lengthy portion of the venue for a match :stuck_out_tongue: Here is the site map from last year.

I believe they are divided by division, and then sequential in their respective division pits.

Last year it was not separated by division, and the pits were ordered by team number. It might be different this year, though.

I hope so. It’ll be a lot easier on teams that have to walk a long distance to their division’s fields and even for scouting/searching for your alliance. Maybe they will consider a new plan for future years.

If they were to do it this way, teams that bring multiple teams (such as 3921B, and 3921C) they would not be next to each other and this could cause a conflict for a teacher that needs to look over their students. So, I doubt that the pits would ever be organized differently compared to last year :frowning:

We have 2 teams going a I really hope that our pits are adjacent to each other because we share equipment and don’t have the resources to be spread across the venue. Any idea when the pit layout will be released?

464F, 464H

Yeah, I remember trying to do scouting last year. Between working off a team list for our division and trying to find teams who happen to be at the practice fields, that was way less efficient than it could have been. Separate areas by division would be nice, and maybe they could just throw all of the sister teams under the same number together. That’s just a thought, and isn’t all that likely to happen. It would just encourage building robots that complement each other, like Vex U, rather than a versatile robot that can complement other teams, and removes a large part of the people skills component of Vex.

Where were the lowest VRC team numbers last year at worlds? in the West Wing nearest to IQ? or in the North Wing furthest from Freedom Hall?

I think I remember them being close to freedom hall, right near inspection.

This was cleared up by the RECF a while ago, the pits at worlds will be organized by team number, the “divisions” they refer to in the Q&A are VRC HS, VRC MS, Vex U, and Vex IQ.

Sorting by division, while convenient for some teams, is problematic for clubs that have multiple teams going, right now one club can share one battery station for example.

So all the middle school teams were in the West Wing last year? Does anyone know, where were the lowest team numbers were for the middle school teams?

They will be releasing the event map soon, they claim it will be similar to last years so go to robot events for that. I’m not sure if they released a pit map.

@Adam T - Last year middle school teams had two sets of 5 rows going from East to West with a large aisle in between. It’s very much like going to a trade show with vendors. The Robodawgs were in the 200 range so they were in the first row on the North side and my team, 8000 range, was in the third row on the south side.

Regardless - it’s huge - bring comfortable shoes and a convertible hand truck.

Last year’s layout

Perfect! Thanks!

Hi VEX Community,

Does anybody know how tall the competition fields will be? I’m 4’11’’ and as a driver I might not get any perspective of the field.

The fields at Worlds will be elevated 2 feet. It was also said that preloads are not likely to be elevated, so this might be difficult for many teams to load in a match.

Time to get back to single person loading (with one person holding the bag). That means lower skills scores and slower field clearing times XD.

Ok that’s manageable. Why are the match loads on the ground? THAT’S REALLY INCONVENIENT.

Or you can make your robot pick up balls off the ground and just put all of them in the loading zone. Not the most efficient, but at least it’s consistent.