Worlds Meta Prediction

Hey guys leader of the Vex GDC Jesse McCree here, I just wanted to let you all knew that I’ve seen the future and the best alliances will be using one bot that can get the highest of high stacks utilizing the loader and one fast bot that goes around and makes multiple stacks of 12-14 using the cones on the field. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to smash that upvote button to get this to frontpage where everyone can see it and learn how to git gud for worlds

lol. it’s high noon and I could see that actually. One really tall robot that guarantees the highest stack in the 10 point zone, and one robot that gathers as many cones as possible, but not as high, on the other mobile goals and probably reverse stacks to try and win the permanent goal in the end

I was going to say one robot puts a tall-ish stack into the 20, then both go to field. The goals will be left in the 5/10 pt zone, then the taller robot will go and take the final mobile goal and get a ridiculously tall stack while the other robot works on unloading to stationary. One highstack in 10, one in 5, another goal in 10, and a highstack on the stationary.

theres no upvote button but i can share it on google +

Ur signature. Our robot was entirely built out of steel. We won the innovate award. Is there a correlation? maybe.

I think 20 point zone will be important for autonomous, so I don’t think that 20 point zone will be a priority for tall stacking. At most I could see is teams reverse stack into the 20 point zone. But teams will be fighting for the 10 point zone bonus and permanent goal so teams won’t want to waste time going for high 20 zone stacks as that is lost time for grabbing cones

Cage bots with passive drive and pnuematic cone flywheel, obviously.

that’s op

Legal defense autons and 20+ cone stacks in the 10 point zone tbh. I see a potential comeback of the 5 point zone becoming practical in order to have very tall stacks and not having to worry about them tipping over.

Or, maybe the 27 cps robot makes a comeback and slows down the cone harvesting of everyone else.

I’d like to see a 27 cone per second robot 0_o

flywheel confirmed

I think high capacity robots will not be very competitive at worlds for a rew reasons:

  1. The heigher you stack, the longer it takes to lift your linear motion mechanism.
  2. Robots that make shorter stacks faster will outcycle taller robots and clear the field faster.
  3. If two perfectly matched alliances face each other, the winning alliance only needs to stack about 40 cones, which, when divided between 3 mobile goal stacks in the 10 and 5 point zones, one mobile goal in the 20 point zone with about 2 cones on it, and the stationary goal, an alliance only needs to gaurentee a win by stacking 10-12 cones per mobile goal.


Just because a robot is “high capacity” does not mean it can’t make short stacks quickly if the driver wants to. Also, there are 20 points available for high stack bonuses which makes a big difference. So I think robots with fast drives will be alliancing with robots with slower drives and faster lifts to get maximum cones and the high stack bonuses

Any of you guys see one out of the two robots maybe going for a more defensive strat? That was my feeling because I feel like you could block really well in this game.

Maybe the driver loads one could shove a couple mogos in a corner and stick some cones around them. The thing is, most good teams are used to offense, so I don’t know if they’ll take the risk at worlds.

High stack bonuses are going to be interesting, as so many high level teams are used to getting the high stack bonus with only twelve or fifteen cones.

I also doubt unloading on the stationary will be a thing, I think teams will try to get wall cones to win the 10 pt and 20 pt bonuses instead.

Unloading onto the stationary to guarantee that high stack is going to be important you dont need more than one goal in the ten with 12+ cones.

Pushbots will be the meta