Worlds MS Division Lists w/ Robot Skills Stats


You can go through RobotEvents and find the team lists for Spirit and Opportunity with just the Team Number, Team Name, Organization, City, State, and Country but I created these team list to be more helpful. The lists I created include the following: The Team Number, Team Name, Skills Rank in the world, Driver Score, Autonomous Score, The total score of the combined Driver and Autonomous scores, The City, State, And Country of where the teams are located. P.S. My name is Josh, part of 6105B, I go to Brookside Middle School and am going to Worlds and am in Spirit Division so come check out my teams booth with any Questions.

Spirit Division: Spirit Division

Opportunity Division: Opportunity


Students outside of your school system can’t view this team list. Maybe put it somewhere other than office 365?

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I can transfer it into google docs

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When you do, update your title with something a bit more descriptive than MUST READ …

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Ok sure but like what, give me an example of a title that would catch your attention.

If any body has any questions at all about the post or list just message me, also message me what division you guys are in. It’s my first time going to worlds and I would like to meet as many of you guys as possible.

Both sheets say access denied… so difficult for people to check it out.

It shouldn’t be doing that. I’ll check it out

Ok this should work now.

Spirit: Spirit Division

Opportunity: Opportunity Division


Accessible - I have updated the title.

Also rename Autonomous column to Programming - they are different.

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Ok I changed it to Programming

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I think this list should be taken with a grain of salt. Not all teams can be judged simply based on programming and skills.

Correct - we have some other data to look at the season performance of the team.

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What I could be able to do if you guys would like is add the trophies that the teams have earned throughout the season.

If you want more ranking data you can look at:

This was generated by Jason McKinney by analyzing every teams performance through the competition season. A number of factors are accounted for, it is a good way to see where teams are relative to every other team this season.

There are know errors with regards to teams being miscategorized as HS when they are MS. But if you are looking for information about teams in your division, this may be good enough.


This is amazing! I’ll be sure to share it with others.

See you @ worlds!
Doer, 7830C