Worlds Not Organized

Let me just start out with I am not impressed with the delayed robot events and could be done better because we missed a match due to robot events. Robot Events said that our match was in 15 min and when we got there it apparently started. So due to that we go 25 min early just so we don’t miss our match. Vex should try to add text messages that remind you 20 min or 10 min early so that makes sure that everyone is on time.


In past worlds that was available. I wasn’t at worlds this year, so I don’t know if it was at this worlds.


It was not used in this worlds.

yeah I agree with this. Either the matches were already done 10 minutes before the scheduled time or it is like 20 minutes after the scheduled time.


First of all, robot events was delayed, the venue was ahead of schedule.

That kind of sounds like a you problem.

It is your own responsibility to make sure you are on time for your matches.

My team didn’t miss a single match, we just monitored the live stream and headed down 10-6 qualification matches before our match.


I oversee 6 teams, we missed zero of our approximately 75 matches.

Monitor what match number they are on, use the time assignment only as a guideline.

I found Worlds to be extremely organized and an amazing feat to pull off consecutive massive tournaments from VexU all the way down to elementary IQ.

Kudos to all the staff and volunteers that made it happen.


Seeing as I was sitting behind the computers for part of Worlds, VEX Text was active. There were network and data problems and they just weren’t being pushed out to teams. Similarly for VEX Via notifications which didn’t work for me for any of the Worlds events.

I always instruct my teams however to look at the fields to see what’s being played, look at the screens behind the division and see the upcoming matches list in the queue. Those are more definitive than anything else.

We also instructed teams to be early for their matches. At least 10 minutes, but really if matches 7, 8, 9 are on the field and 10,11,12 are in queue and you’re in match 16, go ahead and get ready to head down to the field for your match.


The only problem with that is that my team pits were far away from our division fields. That causes us to miss a match. I try not to make excuses but if they at least had a messaging software to text teams for coming to the queuing tables. The queuing would have been much cleaner and would have not been a mess.

Yes, it was. In VEX Via. It was working my teams, although we were not using it.

As a policy, tournament manager keeps track of the schedule start time for every match. If a match is ready to start, and is ahead of schedule, but a team is not present, then they will wait. The match will not start until either the team arrives, or the scheduled start time has passed.

No it was not, We went to check Vex via and it was not there.

The Live Stream was delayed in our division.

There was only 1 division throughout Worlds that was ever running more than a few minutes ahead of schedule. It’s something we keep a pretty close eye on. I don’t know how the division manager was running that division but I assume they were not starting matches early unless all teams were there.

Please share your division name and match number where you believe this was a problem and let’s look at the actual data (published schedule and actual match start time).


I believe Sharky_do is referring to match 50 of the Opportunity Division. A division in which they were the champion of and represented in the Vex Dome.

I was, as well, thoroughly impressed with the organization. In particular, the MS-VRC Research field was awesome - the people running check-in did an outstanding job and I was sure to let them know. And I reminded our team to thank them both days which they didn’t hesitate to do (they’re crazy 6th graders…you have remind them. :slight_smile: ).

Our pit was all the way in the back and our field(s) were the second most distant. Our robot cart had the ability to “modularly” attach tool boxes and parts carriers and we learned the first day that we need to bring a good chunk of the pit to the field - screws, tools batteries, pump, small parts, zip ties, etc. I figured this would be the case and the coach prepared us (parents and team) for it so it was good that we had the ability which I would recommend to anyone. That way, if you have back-to-back matches with an hour or less gap, you just don’t leave. In addition, you can get there 30+ minutes before your match and everything you (should) need is right there.

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Q50 on Opportunity was scheduled to occur at 11:02 AM but didn’t actually start until 11:10 AM, 8 minutes later than scheduled.

None of the matches for 9007K started more than 5 minutes earlier than scheduled:



Don’t let facts get in the way of a good ol forum rant with no basis in truth.

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I had 7 teams there, none missed a match in Middle School IQ. I saw some divisions that were ahead that waited 5 minutes for their partner to show up. If they are running early I saw them wait. They should wait until the actual match time. If the match is running late at all they will start the match. They cannot get behind.

Vex Via wasn’t working right away but after I posted on the forum it was up in about 5 minutes. It worked well for me on Andriod. They do have trouble with notifications for IOS but if you just keep the app on top you will get the notifications.

The food choices in the venue were poor at best (and that’s not on VEX or RECF). Other than that, me, my students and parents were all extremely impressed with what they pulled off.


It sounds like the team had something more important to do than stand by the queuing area and wait for their match. Personally, I’m not sure what that would be.


Yes I understand already why we missed the match but I wanna know why the contacting phone thing was not used at worlds. Also it was our first time at worlds so there were a lot of things that people told me that was not used at worlds.