World's Notebooks keep working on it even though no Design or Excellence at Regionals?

Are Build/Think etc… type awards at worlds based on the notebook? We qualified today but not through design or excellence so we were wondering if we should continue with our notebook or stop working on it.

There are descriptions of the judged awards in the judge guide, starting on page 17.

Having an engineering notebook is a requirement for some awards and not a requirement for others, but there are almost no judged awards where information in your notebook is not a factor at all – your engineering notebook is the primary way the judges learn about your team.


So just to confirm a PDF of our notebook will be submitted or a physical copy will be collected, even though we are not in the running for design or excellence correct?

You are correct about eligibility for design/excellence – from page 28 of the judge guide:

This page has the following to say about notebook submissions and interviews at Worlds:

There is nothing on that page or in the judge guide, as far as I could find, that says teams that aren’t eligible for design or excellence won’t be allowed to submit notebooks.


I thought back the last time we went to in-person Worlds (pre-Covid year) that if you hadn’t gotten exc/design you weren’t allowed to submit it at all. I remember we brought it to show judges during interviews anyway, but couldn’t actually submit it for judging.