Worlds Photos

Can people please take some photospheres and regular old photos of the world’s arena / setup and post them here?

I’m interested in seeing how the arenas and fields and general spaces are setup this year.


I dont have any myself but cody just look up #vexworlds you can find lots of pictures of them. :slight_smile:


View from my seat :slight_smile:


View of a field tech

Awesome, thanks James. Any chance you could get me a few wide shots of the main arena / stage / fields?

Here are a bunch of terrible photos of the IQ, MS, and VEXU areas. I’ll take some photos of the entrance area, HS, and Freedom Hall tomorrow.

I’ll be honest, I think I liked the last convention center better. IDK guess size matters most.

As does most everyone that is here. Louisville depresses me. I love VEX, but this location is a disappointment.

But like you said…size matters. I guess it’s the reality of such a large tournament.

VEX spends most of the year working out the details of this single event and the quality of their presentation has mostly been improving over the years.

I honestly really liked the Dallas convention center a lot too. This one looks kind of meh to me.

Also Kentucky and robotics just don’t mix.

IDK without trying to be a jerk, I’m guessing the size and price was right.

But hey, it’s the first time I ever wished I was in Kentucky, lol.

The HS area is much nicer. The MS, IQ, and VEXU areas are in separate halls, that seem to be much older and much smaller. I also liked the VEX Dome in Anaheim much better than the Freedom Hall.

The main reason they switched was size (and cost), but the main hall where HS is doesn’t seem much larger than the hall in Anaheim, maybe even smaller. All the other division are fit into whichever other smaller areas they could find, which makes the layout a bit odd. I personally liked Anaheim more, and VEX said that they have already almost filled the KEC, so maybe next year it will be something bigger! :slight_smile:

What if they were to split IQ/Middle school to be one week, and High school/college to be the next week? These could be in the same location for 2 weeks or even the 1st half and 2nd half of a single week.

That could work, but I think it would be better to have the competitions together, so teams have the ability to be inspired by teams in higher divisions, leading to a continued interest in robotics.

Yeah. I heard that next year it will be split and they will expand iq and take up more space. VRC will be taking up other halls. Anaheim was better.

We will have a ton of photos in a day or two. Will post back.

As for location, Louisville is drive-able for us so that makes it a preferred option for a ton of folks in the east, south, and midwest. A short 10.5 hour drive today.

Parking is waaay cheaper and getting around with a car was easier than Anaheim. Easy on and off directly from the highway.

The only major problem we had were allergies as this venue is used for agricultural events as well. MS, VexU, and IQ folks should bring extra sets of their allergy medicine. We had one mentor become a hot allergy mess the first set up day.

A lack of vegetarian food options on site was the next quip I heard from our parents along with general food availability on the first day. More ethnic food options to cater to the array of countries attending might be good too. But local versions may not be the home cooking they may be wanting so it’s a fine line there.

It’s a big place with room to grow. Still one whole hall in the south wing to occupy. Maybe all these kids graduating high schools can start VexU teams at their colleges to make VexU even bigger. Otherwise you will be dwarfed by the ensuing IQ tsunami I see coming.

Side question: why was it the community college QCC and not WPI from the VexU champs? I thought those guys were at Worcester Polytech? (And you have to say Wuh-stah in your best Boston accent when saying that) No support from the school that gives Vex scholarships? Seems odd to me… Were they trying to hide and fly under the radar?

Second side question: Is there a yellow hen robot around as well? Don’t blue roosters and yellow hens produce green eggs? :smiley:

Oh man the smell in the VEX U division and IQ division was near unbearable.

As a VEX U student and IQ mentor, it was still sort of a stretch to run from VEX U to IQ, which I was only able to see my IQ kids on Saturday really. I did see them get the Amaze Award though, so I’m certainly proud.

I’m not a fan of splitting IQ and VRC/VEX U. I like the idea of having it all together.

Should be prefaced by me saying I’m also not a proponent of how FIRST is having two championships in a couple of years. There’s room at the KEC center. IQ division had SPACE.

I added some more photos of the HS area. Sorry that most of the pictures are terrible.

They already have the dates planned for the next 4 years. I don’t think they will be splitting up VRC/IQ/VEXU anytime soon.

Here’s the Vexmen’s worlds album in its current state. I am sure it will grow as we get more pics.

Hey Glenn,

The guys from QCC2 competed under this name because their main sponsor, as well as the main sponsor for Team BNS this past year is a professor at Quinsigamond Community College and helped both of our teams out a ton! What better way to give back to the community then by competing under her school name. Without the help Betty gave both QCC2 and BNS we probably would not have been able to compete to our fullest this year. I hope this clears up any confusion.


Betty rocks! It is not just the BNS and QCC teams, but also support to the region’s high school and middle school teams. WalshBots 9791[a-f] are indebted to QCC’s K12 STEM outreach programs that enabled our middle school teams to compete fully and make it to Worlds.