Worlds Pit Design

Does anyone know the size dimensions of the worlds team Pit areas? i wanted to to know so i can make a nicer pit area, such as 8899x whos pit, in my opinion was the best by far. alo does anyone have any pit area ideas?

the pits at worlds are 10’ by 10’

thank you

If money is no object, look at some professional trade show booths for ideas of what you can do in 10x10 booth. These guys are professionals.

Or in a more realistic manner, printing a banner on vinyl with grommets cut out helps with hanging. Printing a large custom banner across the back is popular as well. Go the entire 10 feet across.

Poles to hold the banner help too but you can just hang it from the top rail.

Banners always look super cool, and if you have the ability to, bring your trophies!

This is Nick Cairns with 8899x. All I can really say for a pit is to think outside of the box. A good pit requires a lot of planning and is a whole team effort.

yeah i noticed that all the good pits have something that physically stands out than other pits that draws others to them, at EC3 we can print out our own posters but we’ve never done anything that make us stand out like other teams pits.

im trying to think of a way to make our pits stand out but also equally represent our team in a unique and professional way such as your pit.

We had 2 teams qualify for world’s so we opened up both the pits and got an inflatable couch