Worlds pits

Hello all, i’d like to ask the question, how will you attract people to your pit? Video display? Wii u on a projector? Giving out candy/stickers/other stuff? Thanks for all responses.

During nationals, last year, we used to hand out golden pins of our logo. We also had a TV to play some music which had lyrics as well. I can’t say what will be done during nationals and worlds this year because it’s rather more of a secret. :slight_smile:

The judges will be making their rounds, there is no need to plan any thing special to entice them over.

The teams will go over to your pit especially when you are doing well in your division, so again there is no real need to have anything special.

But if you are looking at having people to go over to hang around, then maybe coffee machines and snack will be the most effective for worlds.

Cover up my team number and put up a big sign saying “2915A”.

We are just making banners that have our team name on them.

If you have any banners of your team or from previous competitions, those are good. One year my team had helium balloons tied to our pits so people could see it from a distance :stuck_out_tongue:

Put enough helium balloons to make the whole pit raise off the ground… that would really stand out.

I am just waiting for someone to project the team’s reveal video on the ground infront of their pit.

perfect idea. Now to work on my new Zealand accent…

It is pretty easy. People think I have one.


5 tournament champion titles and 1 Excellence at State (in the past four years)… We still haven’t been given a banner. :frowning:

@steventhebarker is referring to those banners they got from worlds… not those from states or even nationals competitons :stuck_out_tongue:

Really? We got banners here in Colorado for those awards. That’s surprising…

Oh, okay. I’ve seen plenty of State championship banners too.

Yes it is. I didn’t think we could get screwed again this season because we got Excellence in addition to Tournament Champion… But we did. When we get Excellence, that is the year when not even Excellence is not given a banner. We could order one, but I can’t justify that spending.

Teams can order their state championship banners on their own - they are around $50.

Ordering state/province championship award banners:

We’ve been told we can buy banners ourselves, and we did a couple years ago and added years to it… But I can’t justify the extra cost every year, since money is tight in the run-up to Worlds. Nothing beats the appeal of walls covered in championship banners, and unfortunately we don’t get that.