Worlds qualification method

I was just wondering in what way does a team qualify for worlds?

Also can an independent team qualify? I’m thinking yes but my mom keeps putting doubts into my head

To quality for worlds, you need to either be in the top x spots in the world skills ranking, or win a qualifying award (usually only at signature events, state, or national competitions). Then you would receive an invite or be accepted of the waitlist I’m pretty sure. There is nothing holding an independent team back from qualifying

This is really a basic explanation btw

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Everything you need to know is here:

And, yes, any team - even independent teams - can qualify for worlds.


No longer true that being in top 35-50 will advance you to Worlds.

Global rankings are used to fill spots for Worlds for state/regional/national championships that have teams that double qualified, for example win TC and Excellence…


Are you competing by yourself?

That may be the case for teams in North America. but the people’s republic of China where doge is from the tournament works in a way differently.

Oh, I don’t know anything about how things are done in China. I assumed that all regions must follow the published guidelines. Do they have separate qualifying criteria published for China, then? I’d love to see it. Well, a translated version.


I want to shoot for worlds


How is it different?


I really don’t know, but I know their tournament style is different

So you’re saying that you don’t know but you do know something. What do you know? If you don’t actually know something but you’re saying that you know… Well… I don’t know!

But they have the same manual qualifying criteria. So it should run basically the same.


Engineering notebook. That’s not the ONLY solution but it sure is one of the biggest parts. I guess tournament champion, but your notebook and some good online challenge submissions (in my opinion) will be the most help. Good luck!

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He knows it’s not the same :upside_down_face:

If he doesn’t know exactly what the difference is then it would be disingenuous to claim otherwise and state what you are unsure of

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i am not sure what is the latest happenings in China.
but for previous season, there was not much difference between China and the rest of the world.

the teams will need to go through their regionals (or province) tournaments, qualify for their nationals and then win to qualify for worlds.

from what i understand (again, my info was only as updated as of last year), each year, RECF will allocate a fixed number of spots to China (via Asia IFI). And Asia IFI will administer the allocation of spots accordingly. I am not sure if all the spots are given out during their nationals or it is split between major events.

the only difference that i know of is the global skills ranking (but this was during the period when there was still worlds qualification via global skills ranking). If you notice, China teams are usually not active in the global skills ranking (even though they have lots of good skills teams). i heard the teams were told that unless they were the top skills team in China, else they won’t get to qualify using the global ranking.

Caveat - things most likely would have changed in China.

And the surest way to qualify for worlds, regardless of regions - win your tournaments


If you claim something you should have some evidence. This is STEM, not church. Faith is an important thing for humanity, but it has no place here.


Jeez dude its also not court. He isn’t certain of the differences so he doesn’t say what they are. All we know for sure is that they were different. If you don’t believe him, don’t! Nobody cares.

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Okay okay, you can know that there’s a difference between an alligator and a crocodile and not know what. Or you could know there’s a difference between voltage and amps and not know what it is. This is just a bit harsh. Please don’t derail the thread for something as minuscule as this.


is this for vex competition that is currently tower takeover or am i on wrong chat thread again

Yup, this is for Tower Takeover. In case you aren’t sure, you can double check the categorization of the thread. It’s Vex EDR for this one so you know it’ll be for TT