Worlds Qualification Spots Per Region

Just wondering, how many qualification spots does each region have for worlds?

To find out for ur specific region check the rec foundations website because the amount changes depending on the amount of teams in the area

I know this is US but so you get an idea of regions with similar numbers to yours

Does anyone possibly have information on how many spots British Columbia, Canada gets?

British Columbia has 112 high school registered teams, so probably 6-8 spots but I don’t really know how they calculate spots so it isn’t that accurate of course

RECF publishes this information for states in the US, but I haven’t seen it this season (or any previous season) for areas outside the US. During the Skyrise season they said they would publish the list, but I don’t think it ever happened.

BC has 4 spots according to the Robot Events.

That would really suck for all the BC teams, however, I noticed that alot of the BC competition pages on Robot Events have not shown all the qualifying positions for the provincial championships, thus hopefully the same can be said for the world’s spots on the provincials page.

BC Provincial Championship has 4 qualifying spots
BC VEX Championship at BCIT is a separate event that also has 4 qualifying spots

(The BCIT event is after the world robot/programming skills reporting deadline, so It might not be possible to achieve a place on the global ranking at that event. I don’t know if RECF makes any exceptions for large events that happen just after the official closing date).