Worlds Qualification

If a team qualifies for worlds via skills, will they participate in normal tournament play at worlds, or just skills?

Seeing that the VEX Worlds map included separate arenas for skills and 2 vs 2 tournaments I’d say not, but I wasn’t there last year so I could be wrong.
vex-worlds-site-map.pdf (2.45 MB)

As Long as you have qualify for worlds, you will definitely be involved in the tournament. As for skills, it is optional to the teams.

To expand on that, any team that qualifies for worlds, no matter the route of qualification, gets the full ride, i.e. tournament, skills, everything.

For design they have to win excellence or design at their qualifying tournament. Check out the awards appendix for more details.

It’s top 50 teams split, the top 35 High School teams and the top 15 Middle School teams.