Worlds Qualifications

What qualifications do you have to have in order to go ? I live in Texas and our isn’t until February but teams have already got into vex worlds from Texas.

Are you on 8451b?

I am 8451A we won our competition and are advancing to Houston

My school has a 8451B

What teams have qualified for worlds?

IDK that is what i am asking because we haven’t even gone to state yet. If we win one competition we advance to worlds or what

Does 8451B advance to Worlds???

If you win a tournament or get the excellence award you qualify for your region’s state tournament. At some competitions design award can also qualify you. Worlds you qualify for at state, I think your thinking of U.S. open which is similar to the scale of worlds but different.

No has gotten into worlds yet.

No if you search worlds and go to the high school you will find two teams that have entered and they are both from Texas.

On robot events?

This is the link

I see t-vex and 400s already got in, i don’t know how they did.

400S won at NBN worlds, might that have something to do with it?

I heard something about that if you win at worlds, you automatically qualify for next year’s worlds. Then again, I could be wrong.

As to your question itself, I think they haven’t qualified yet. They need to win at a state/regional/provincial tournament or get a qualifying award there, or land themselves in the top 50 in robot skills worldwide (magic number as of 11/3/16 is 43).

it doesn’t make sense though

@AppleDavidJeans That is the only ways i know to qualify and if so i believe t-vex didn’t win.

T-vex hasn’t even been to a competition yet

Yes, 400S got an automatic worlds qualification for the 2017 vex worlds since they won the 2016 vex worlds. 9090A won the programming skills award which I believe qualified them for worlds this year, they have been winning programming skills at worlds for the past 3 or 4 years with amazing routines that are fully autonomous, it wouldn’t surprise me if that is the case.

Ok that makes a lot of since