Worlds Question in regards to Sunday 4/26

I’m not sure which forum to post this in. I have an IQ Worlds question. I see the dates involve competing on a Sunday. My team really wants to set their sites on going to worlds, as it is our last year to have a team (kids getting too old). However, the two of the three families that comprise our team have a religious conviction that does not allow them to compete/work on Sundays. Do you know if this will be an issue? I wasn’t sure if perhaps Sunday was just a check in/inspection day, or if it was a full day of competitions. Do you have to compete on Sunday, or is it possible that a team could have all their matches on Monday and Tuesday?

Does anyone know or has anyone had this issue before? I’m trying to figure out if they need to give up their dream or not. I don’t want to encourage them work for something all season that they can’t attend if it violates religious beliefs. We are also in the process of acquiring sponsors and whether or not I need to add $975 to registration fees makes a big difference in what I ask sponsors for.


Won’t be an issue.

There is a practice match that you don’t have to go to. You could actually check in Monday morning but it’s nice to have Sunday to get set up. You can also do skills on Sunday but it’s available later on. You may only get two attempts depending on how they handle it… Giving the teams chances to do skills has led to slightly different policies over the last few year.

Teamwork will start Monday after opening ceremonies.


The policy at Worlds 2019 was:

  • Skills was open on Sunday to teams that had passed inspection.
  • Three attempts per challenge, but the first two were only redeemable on Sunday or Monday.

So under that system, nothing lost by not doing skills on Sunday.

One thing worth noting is that the inspection area closed at the end of the day Sunday, and the small handful of teams left uninspected at the end of Sunday had to be inspected by their division managers/head refs on Monday morning.

I’m not sure about checking in on Monday morning - definitely seems like RECF expects teams to show up on Sunday, so if Sunday comes and goes with no sign of a team at all the event staff might start to get worried.

If one or more students/adults are able to check in and get the robot inspected on Sunday, but not do the (optional) practice match, that would probably be good. If not, I’m sure something can be worked out; might be a good idea to contact the organizers and/or your RECF rep in advance to see what they recommend.

But those are all small things - all the substance of the event takes place on Monday and Tuesday so there’s no need for your kids to give up on their worlds dream.


Wonderful! Thank you! Yes, I can have the one student who is ok with it get our robot inspected and do the check in.

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