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What are we to do with Worlds, and more importantly with this years game. The vast majority of teams have either gone inactive, or been forced to freeze activities due to covid restrictions. Our state for example, has suspended all extracurricular activities until March 1st. Meaning that in large part only the private/non school based teams have been able to practice. This program was designed to eliminate the discrepancy between the haves and have nots. And if Worlds were to take place this year, let alone in person, it would be largely comprised of those teams, and absent a large majority of school based teams that are at the mercy of elected officials. I’m of the opinion that if Worlds isn’t outright cancelled, it should at the very least be delayed until June/July. Anything less than an in-person event will not be something that is worth while. This brings me to an even bigger, more important question; what are we to do with this year’s game? I believe that even if worlds were to take place, that this year’s game should be used in some capacity next year. Whether that be A) in totality as next years only competitive game option, or by having dual competitive game options that allows for teams/EPs to chose between this years and next years game at competitions (Or to do both). B) used as the basis for next years game elements. Meaning that the elements can be reconstructed/reused in next years game without having to buy an all new set. If you decided to go this route, but decide to add pieces to make the game unique and new, you could create an expansion pack for programs that already have last years elements, along with a new game element bundle for teams that don’t. Otherwise you are going to see the death of a large number of programs who already paid for, and received, this years game, and have not been able to use it. The inability to host events and fundraise like normal years has meant that many programs/EPs will not have the money next year like they have always had to purchase a whole new game set when they have one already that has barely, if ever, been used. This decision needs to be made soon, so that we can make adequate preparations for either outcome.


It would be very disappointing for private teams that think they will be able to do their best this year owing to to fact of extra time from covid 19. This year my team has been able to do more than we ever had before. As for the field issue, I agree, but we should just be able to trade in our old fields. I would be very disappointed if we waited for june/july. Plus more competitions would have to be created. I think we should just carry on with worlds as is and just hope for a better season next year.


Is there any chance that you could title this to look like you’re asking a question? It looks like you’re announcing something about worlds.


Can you rename this thread as you are making it seem like an announcement, which it is not. This topic has been covered in other threads. Please merge with them.


I totally see how this is a problem. Change up elements are probably virtually unused for many orgs, and purchasing these elements probably was a waste of money.

however, I don’t think most orgs would be happy to have change up again next season. I certainly wouldn’t. And while it’s true that many orgs probably won’t have enough money to purchase field elements if there are new ones next year, perhaps recf will have options for these orgs.

even if I was in the situation where a new game would mean I couldn’t purchase a full field of game elements, I would still prefer a new game. obviously I’m not speaking for everyone when I say this, just stating my personal opinion.

The idea of 2 games is interesting, but I don’t think it’s very practical. it would essentially half the number of events you can attend (assume half the events are new, and the other change up), unless you built a robot for both games. And I think the large majority of teams would probably choose the new game, even if they can’t afford a full field of the new elements.

Imo, the best option for recf is to just go full steam ahead with next season on schedule, regardless of how change up ends. I’m ready for a new game, and would be extremely disappointed to have to play change up again for my last season. I think a better solution for the problem of affordability would be recf assisted grants for new field elements for teams that cannot afford them. (this might already exist, not sure). As for worlds, I’d prefer it just be live remote, and move on afterwards. I don’t want the next season to not start until the pandemic is over, which is an uncertain and probably length amount of time. recf could in theory host worlds after they start the new season as scheduled, but that would cause a conflict in most teams over if they should work on their change up worlds bot or start working on the new game.

Interested to know other’s opinions.

  • change up for 2021-2022 season
  • normal season 2021-2022 (new game and everything)

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and I’m also curious, if worlds cannot happen in person on schedule, would you want recf to…

  • Just move forward with the next season, and have worlds be live remote and remote skills events
  • postpone worlds until it can happen, taking an fairly large chunk out of the next season depending on the virus.

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Side note, I’ve renamed this thread. Carry on.


With the new variant of the virus, you can expect teams to be barred from parts of UK. Maybe China too.
Just hope the variant does not cause another Worlds cancellation as the regular COVID-19.

I don’t know anyone from Texas. I do hope the residents down there follow their own COVID jurisdictions well enough so outside teams to attend Worlds.


I believe that the vaccine works against these variants too though. Idk how well the UK’s vaccine distribution is going though.


I also think the vaccine will work against the variant.

Another worry to think about is will most people get the vaccine before Worlds. Which will be a no for the most part as Worlds is only four months away. Most hazmat suits won’t work and a lot of parents worry about out of state field trips right now. A club student did not have a chance to go to our State Championship last year because his mom was worried about the virus.

The second question is rigged, what if we just do worlds like regular but with like masks and stuff. :face_with_monocle:

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not going to get into whether or not it is safe to host worlds in person, even with precautions, since this conversation has been had already in all the other topics about this. But see below for why worlds occurring as usual is probably not an option recf will consider:

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Currently hosting worlds normally is the plan. I suspect the only reason the event would be canceled would be state legislation or action preventing the venue from being used outright. If RECF was planning on canceling they would’ve already done so instead of continuing their preparation for the event.

When it comes to raw cases being a preventative reason for hosting an event you have to remember perspective. I don’t want to get too deep into the weeds here since it’s vex forum but available data at the time suggested a death rate of upwards of 3% compared to the 0.01706% (actually 1.7%) that the CDC is currently suggesting.


I don’t want to get into this again as @Xenon27 said but the death rate is actually 1.706%.


is it really though? has recf issued any statements where they confirm that the plan is to host worlds as normal? sure, they have the venue, but they booked that waay in advance, too far to know if they would be able to actually use it tbh.
and the rollout and push for the live remote tournaments makes me think that they are planning on using that as an alternative to in person competition for worlds. again, no confirmation that this is the case, but that’s my speculation for what they are most likely to do.

that number… does not seem right.

ah, that’s more like it. decimal points matter lol.

anyways if you really want to continue this discussion probably should do it in one of the other topics, as this isn’t really what the op was asking about.


Yeah, it appears I made a mistake with my math (I just divided the deaths by the cases). Can’t find the straight-up death rate anywhere.

And you know, I guess we’ll see what happens but I like to see things with a bit of optimism, there are certainly far more dangerous things. And for the love of god RECF don’t break my heart twice lmao.

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understandable, I forget to multiply by 100 when dealing with percentages all the time. the death rate is pretty hard to accurately calculate because a lot of factors cause it to be different than just total cases / total deaths. Cases tend to be undercounted far more than deaths, since most people that get covid probably do not get tested. Also, deaths lag behind cases since it takes time to die from covid, so we really won’t ever have a perfectly accurate death rate. But I think anywhere between 0.5-2% is probably a good rough estimate.


Yes - There was a Town Hall in Sept 2020 where Brad specifically said “the biggest question we’ve been getting lately is will there be a Vex Worlds in Dallas in April 2021… and there will be”, and Dan Mantz discussed ways to qualify for it.

It’s also officially listed on and


good find. september was quite a while ago though, and things have worsened so much more since then (30,000 daily cases to over 250,000), so I would be surprised if recf is still fully planning on having worlds in dallas right now. since the situation is so fluidly changing, I doubt any plans hold much meaning after a few months. I mean, last year recf was still planning on having worlds much closer than in September.

I agree with this. Literally no plans can be made because everything continues to change.


You can plan for continuous change :wink: