Worlds Questions

I may be reading wrong, but is the conversation above insisting that it’s okay if some people die over this event? I’m not trying to sound snarky, that’s just how it came off in my eyes.

As for the actual topic, hosting worlds in person seems next to impossible right now. As @Droideka said, we might see entire countries barred out from the tournament. This isn’t even considering how so many teams will need to fly in via airplane, then stay in a hotel, and fly out again.
Even if the whole tournament is every team staying in their pit, only permitted to leave for matches and facilities, all it takes is one single person to make worlds a superspreader event, then teams bring that to their hotels, to the airports, and of course wherever they came from.

Finally, let’s just move forward if we can’t hold it in-person. Do a live remote tournament. Yes, Change Up is a swing game. Yes, we’d all rather play swing games in person. But just because we want it doesn’t mean we can have it. If worlds is postponed, it would probably mean late summer because that’s when most of us are lined up for the vaccine, significantly cutting into the next season and overall making it less enjoyable. All the time we could be spending on the next robot, will be spent waiting.

Brief add on: It has been stated a couple times but any plans at all will change, I’m generally voicing my concern for when it comes to it, if the virus persists.


People are not following guidelines in my area and the rest of the nation. If people continue to insubordinate, we put events in jeopardy. It’s a lot easier to follow the law then just fighting it. Cases would have significantly decrease by now if everyone followed some simple rules. School are trying to open up and it’s not a good idea (At least in my area, don’t know about anyone else’s) for schools to pursue while cases are piling. Even one single case at your schools can cancel all field trips for the rest of the year. Schools in my area are small and crowded, so its near impossible.


Not going to comment on the state of the pandemic or what RECF should/shouldn’t do with Worlds, but I do want to correct a bit of misinformation that seems to be going around.

RECF stated at the EP Summit that they plan to have both in-person divisions and Live Remote divisions at Worlds. Granted it was months ago and may not reflect current plans, but I encourage everyone wondering about Worlds to watch the recording of the session.

This is also reflected in the Qualifying Criteria, starting on page 9.