WORLDS radio channel shortage & direct tethering


First, I searched to see if this was covered in a prior thread. Could not find anything.

Team had extreme problems at worlds this week in practice fields. Could not get 60 second auton to work w/o radio disconnecting. Kids were ready to walk out… very frustrating.

Is it possible, for auto testing/refining, to direct connect radio/brain using a smart cable and run your auton? Do you need to remove radio transmitter from brain?



I believe that controller tethering is fully supported and will function exactly as you are hoping.


Would have saved 1) the auto run and 2) a LOT of time & frustration.


Wish s/w tech support had suggested this option…

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Would it not have been possible to transpose the code to a program with no controller configured for the purpose of testing autonomous? Then the Brain just doesn’t care either way about radio connection.

Don’t see why not… but scarcity mindset takes over, communication (between humans) breaks down, and things fall apart.

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We had so many issues with this at worlds. In the pit, we were forced to tether, and on the practice fields we used Bluetooth. When we didn’t do this, disconnects every like 6 seconds. So frustrating that vex didn’t plan for this when choosing venue location, or planning a worlds with 800+ teams that you can’t even properly run robots at off the field.


Our team encountered this issue and it stopped when my team swapped over to bluetooth.

Tried both. Same problems. Will tether w/ wire next time.

Was this using vexnet or using bluetooth? Just wondering since they asked people running skills to switch to bluetooth while doing Skills.

yes, both.


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Nice job on the character limit. That sucks, I dont think my kids had issues during MS, but I know HS was about 300 more teams.