Worlds RobotEvents Page Issues

I wasn’t 100% sure where else to post this. Just want to make sure that someone from VEX/RECF is aware of the problem.

The RobotEvents page for High School Worlds has not split teams up per division. This means that there is no match list available online for people not in Louisville. This has also been a problem at other multi-division events over the past few months. (NZ Nationals and US Open for example).

Are you planning to have this fixed by the end of the World Championships?

Will this be an ongoing problem with RobotEvents?

I am aware that all the information can be found using VEXVIA, however since a lot of scouting websites use data originating from RE, these resources cannot be used.

To add on to that, vex via is not accessible on computers, making it very difficult for anyone who is following the event without a mobile device. Additionally, this issue also exists for the middle school divisions.

And for VEX VIA, oddly, the team list for Science division lists all 450 teams, while the others have only the 90 from that division.
EDIT: This has been fixed now

If this issue can’t be fixed soon, I’m sure that teams would appreciate if at least an excel/PDF file of the match list is posted on Robotevents.

This is the important thing, at NZ Nationals (over 1 and a half months ago) RECF was alerted of this issue… It’s not very good that it’s still not fixed.

Also, the data is actually there (i.e. you can fetch the CSVs but evidently there’s an issue with RobotEvents learning the number of divisions and their names (something that I assume is an issue with Tournament Manager? meaning that it’s unlikely they’ll fix it during worlds).

Just a little update.

I manually fixed the Divisions in VexDB. So everyone wanting to view them on RobotEvents should instead just go to VexDB.

VRC High School link:

(if I got any of the division to data mappings wrong please let me know!)

UPDATE: It looks like RECF has fixed this now :slight_smile: I’m not sure when this was fixed exactly but I just noticed it’s working now. Good work!