Worlds Scouting Sheet 2022

I have struggled with finding a good spreadsheet that was public for scouting teams at robotics tournaments so my team and I decided to create a spreadsheet that we could use for worlds to rate teams that we might partner with. I feel like this might be a good help for your team to collect data from other teams and be able to have it all shown in a convenient way that makes it easy to find out who you might want to pick for your team.2022 worlds scouting sheet


I have just published the final updated version of the scouting sheet that has every team that is in the high school divisions listed with team name in the correct divisions, as well as I, have added a few more data sets to use when scouting. 2022 worlds scouting sheet. High School 2022 worlds scouting sheet Middle School


I have made one sheet for middle and high school that is editable. I will give you the like here.middle school high school

I really like the scouting sheets you’ve made, but to add onto it teams might have a difficult time locating each team and filling out the form, which is where apps like Airtable can be really nice. Airtable is basically like google forms where you can insert multiple choice, text forms, and photos, which it takes and then collates them. My team has found it helpful because it gives us an easily accessible and searchable list, including pictures of mechanisms and robots which we can easily pull up in strategy meetings, even on our phones which is really nice.


I will look into that. Thanks for telling me about the app.

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I have looked at it and for next year I will use the app since I have already sent the link out so much for the sheet this year I don’t want teams to have to go to something different this close to worlds

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I think the really cool thing about google sheets is that it’s easy to share and regulate, you could probably give the sheet out to people you trust and semi crowd source the scouting data. Have people link their google accounts and DM / reply to this thread for access if you’re worried about security. I’d understand wanting to keep scouting data private, though :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just decided that if people want to put it onto the sheet so everyone can see what they can do without putting the work in then they can do so on one of the docs. The first one is staying view only so that the people that want to do the work on their own then they can get it and make a copy.

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