Worlds Scrimmages?

(HS) I’m just wondering if there are any scrimmages happening on WED or THURS and how they would work. I know this is a vag question but yeah.

Everyone on the forums are trying to keep the amount of new topics to a minimum especially with worlds questions (to reduce clutter), so all worlds questions should be asked in the topic Whats Worlds Like?


go to to see if there are any

I think what Ty-24118E means is that in the past (at Louisville) some teams would host informal scrimmages at their hotels in meeting rooms. I know that my team was invited to a few in 2019. Attending was great practice, and actually led to our team being chosen in alliance selection by a team we met at one of the scrimmages. My team won’t have a field or game elements, so we can’t host one, but I know we would be interested in participating if someone else did.


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