Worlds Skills Qualification

For the world’s skills qualifications is it the top 50 middle and high school teams that earn a spot in worlds? Or is it the top 50 middle school teams earn a spot in middle school worlds; and the top 50 high school teams earn a spot in high school worlds?

Also how did some teams already earn spots and sign up for worlds?

If You win certain awards at worlds you qualify for the following world championship also some places like Singapore and Hawaii already had their world qualifying event

The top 50 combined skills score for ALL VRC teams will qualify for worlds, there aren’t any differences.

Alright cool thank you. What about the additional spots once multiple teams probably qualify 2 or 3 times over? @MayorMonty

For the top 50? They go the next highest unqualified combined score. For example, let’s say team A is ranked 50, but already qualified for worlds in their state tournament, and team B is ranked 51 and has not qualified, team B will get the invitation to Worlds in place of team A who already qualifies.

How many teams do you think will qualify through skills and be state champions? If that’s the case I’m guessing quite a few of the teams off the top of the skills list will qualify through their state because if they have that high of a skills score, they have probably designed a pretty good robot. @MayorMonty

That’s not a very realistic assumption. In Colorado only 4 HS teams qualify for worlds at states, but we had 7 teams go to worlds. 4 robots were top 30 in skills, and only one robot (3946E) qualified for worlds in more than one way (3 actually).