Worlds Skills

Can you make it to the playoffs in worlds through skills?

The way it is in VRC is the top 32 teams make it to the tournament in their division, and then the champions from each division have a playoff bracket. I don’t know about IQ but if it is like VRC, then no.

There is no mechanism for that in IQ, either, unless it’s a new deep-case tiebreaker I haven’t seen before.

Thanks for clarifying.

I’m wondering, you said the top 32 teams. Does that mean the top 16 teams choose for alliance selection, or top 32 teams automatically get paired with each other?

Normal alliance selection. However, if there are 70 teams in a division, there will not be 35 alliances; alliance selection ends at 16 alliances, so the other teams will be eliminated.
However, it could create a weird scenario in which 17th place gets eliminated

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harik_Sodhi explained it for me

I think this is IQ, so no alliance selection. 1 goes, with 2, 3 goes with 4, etc…

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Oh sorry, didn’t realize this was an IQ thread, I’m from VRC.