Worlds Slots by State

This chart explains qualification for Worlds pretty well, but it was published in June of 2015. Some of the information is outdated, unfortunately. This came to my attention today at the Mississippi State Championship, where 7 teams advanced to Worlds rather than the scheduled 4.
Does anybody know if there is an updated version of the document? Or will there be? Sorry if it’s obvious and I haven’t looked hard enough :stuck_out_tongue:
And congratulations again to all the teams who qualified today!

I’m looking for the same information. Per the qualification criteria, approximately 1 slot is supposed to be added for each 50 additional teams. Updates haven’t been published as far as I can tell and I have been unable to verify if this still holds true or not.

Is this a question for the Q&A forum?

If you look at the Mississippi State Championship on robot events there is actually only 5 teams that go to worlds. 4256B got 3 of the 7 awards that qualified teams for worlds. There could’ve been one extra spot added into the system.

Even though they got 3 spots on their own, those spots they don’t use get recycled and are picked through skills

Yes. I believe those teams were 5057B and 8615C, who both have high scores in Skills for the state of Mississippi. RobotEvents did not list these teams because they did not take a specific award at that Tournament.

I think someone asked a similar question in the Official Q&A recently, so I won’t bother asking my question there, as well.