Worlds Spectating

I was wondering if I went to Worlds as a spectator (I live in Kentucky), would I be allowed to watch the game reveal without being a part of a team that made it to worlds? I don’t know how seating works at worlds, especially being such a large event.
Thanks in advance,

Keaton Gilmore


Hey there! Yeah, worlds is totally open to spectators. You can just walk in and watch whatever you want. Unless your name is antichamber Have fun!


Do you have to pay for entry? (Outside of finding the miraculous parking spot in downtown Louisville)

No tickets are required.

You can even try to get the event agenda and make use of vex via to make sure you turn up at the right time for your fav matches.


I already have. Thanks for the advice, everyone!

But if you park downtown, you’ll need to take a bus to KEC. Vex Worlds is at the state fairgrounds. There is plenty of paid parking.

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Who’s antichamber? I see his name a bit in the discord but I on’t really understand.

I’ll tell you in the SCA chat