Worlds Statistics

I had a few questions about last years vex worlds.
Our team is currently looking sponsorship, and having some statistics would help our chances of receiving a sponsorship.

  1. How many people watched the vex worlds stream last year?
  2. How big exactly is the Vex Robotics community? I know that there are teams from all over the world, but is there an estimated number?
  3. What would be some advantages for the sponsoring company?


Considering about 4 people per team, not including family, about 2500 people attend worlds. There are over 20000 teams, of those over 7000 are active (this season).

According to vexDB, if there are 5 students on each team, there are 48335 students in the world doing VEX, not including mentors.

As for advantages for a sponsor, there’s community outreach. They can say that they are enabling/encouraging/empowering the next generation of engineers. Also, they get publicity when you compete, so make sure that you mention them in all interviews.

Thanks for the responses.
Helps a lot.

This year, 15000+ teams are registered (globally). The RECF and VEX re-count the # of teams after Worlds so that it’s an accurate number every year. If it helps, the program every year gets approx. 1500 teams per year.

Last year at worlds there were 850 teams and this year, there will be 1000.

Does anyone know where the worlds live stream will take place?
Youtube, other stream websites?

I believe the steam will be located on the robot events page for worlds under the “webcast” tab. Here is the link:

According to RoboEvents, it will be on

That is only VRC, don’t forget IQ.

Here’s last year’s VEX Worlds press release which has some of the stats you’re looking for:

I went back and looked at the livestream feeds. The main feed had around 1400 views while the other feeds were around 500.