Worlds TEAM 6430 Thanks 974X/6714A - 7856B/2Z

Just wanted to shout out to our Division Finals Alliance:

6430 #6 Technology Captain thanks 974X and 6714A for a great quarter final match. Playing against a combined team of 2131D, 185A and 1366 was daunting to say the least. Especially after losing the first game. But the alliance pulled it out 73-87, 76-74 then a whopping 97-58. Sorry we missed the finals, but it was great fun, you guys rock.

6430B would like to thank 7856B and 2Z for a great time in the Engineering division. All the way to the division finals! Missed going to a 3rd game by 3 pts, heartbreaking, but great fun.

Hope to see you all at Worlds next year.
Have a great off-season (if there is such a thing)

Woot! Still in shock we made it that far. :D:eek::smiley:

thanks for the shout out. we had a lot of fun at worlds! hope to see you next year.