Worlds Teaser Field

Every year I’ve been to worlds there has been a teaser field at the entrance of the exposition center which would have everything for next years game on it except for the objects themselves. (at TP worlds the teaser field only had scoring zone barriers and towers, no cubes) So my question is, will a teaser field be showcased for this season, potentially through a forum post, or will it simply be the game reveal with nothing else?


I’m pretty sure that was after the actual game unveil that it had barriers and towers up on the field. They didn’t have cubes because they didn’t want people taking them. I think I remember the initial teaser field having some random tape lines, and randomly placed colored tiles. It didn’t have any field elements at first.

But this year they could give us the field tile set up and tape lines, that would be really cool. Seeing the tape by itself would lead to some interesting predictions as to what kind of game this is. They should totally do that this year, that would be so neat!


Watch as they put water bottles all over the field.


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