Worlds wait list questions

So I just competed in states and I went 7-0 in the qualification rounds and we made it to the finals and the endgame decided to stop working so we lost by 1 point the first round won the second we won and the third we lost by 10 so i am wondering how the waitlist works as I put my team on it last night so I am just wondering on how it works and what are the chances

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iirc wait list spots are added if teams decline their worlds invitation or dont show up if these happen they just go down the waitlist

If the team in their home country rejects, does a good team qualify or does it qualify for a good team from that country?

Nobody know how teams are being selected or called up from the wait list.

But don’t think performance is in the consideration.

What many of us suspect is proximity or the ease of travel to the venue - teams can be called up pretty last minute, so not much chance if the team needs to catch an international flight across the ocean.


I’m from SoCal and for what it’s worth, a team from my area got invited from the wait list last year. They got their invite pretty much right away after all of the “earned” invitations had been sent. I suspect that last year there were more waitlist teams than usual due to many countries still not being allowed to travel.

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When will teams know if they are pulled from the worlds waitlist and how do they pull from the waitlist?

Teams know pretty last second as as for how no one knows but its probably region based because if you have to fly 2hours to get to worlds last second its alot harder than a team who has to drive 30min.

The official Vex site says the teams will be pulled on 3/17/2023. I am 10836B from Alabama, we got first in state and qualified for worlds, this is our first time ever doing VRC and ever making it to worlds so we are really exited!