Worlds Wait List

If a team is chosen from the Worlds wait list, at what point are they informed? How much notice would they have that they’d been invited?

I cannot confirm it but its usually within 1-2 weeks of notice. When I got in, im not sure how I did but I will garuntee you that I did not feel like I deserved the additional spot. So, if I were you, it would be better to just wait until next season if you did not qualify, unless its senior year or something. Trust me, it feels much better to earn a spot than get it handed to you for no reason.


It differs. Last year we were notified a day after Worlds started. (Pretty sudden) But in most situations you’re notified a few weeks in advance.



Im a bit confused
my team somehow made it to state but y’all are talking about worlds and we haven’t even had our state yet
so when is worlds

VRC & VEXU are on April 22nd to the 25th. IQ is April 26th to the 28th.

is that worlds or state
cause im not sure of either
btw we do VRC

Worlds. The date of state depends on your region.

well what region is DFW Texas
im not in charge of our team im just lead builder but i do need to know when stuff is
just to let you know

I have no idea, I’m not from Texas. I would ask your coach, or check here.

ok, thank you for the help

Dallas TX is Texas Region 2, which just had Regionals last weekend. Most of the Vex Worlds spots are allocated throughout TX at the Regionals for the 4 TX Regions done Feb to Mar. TX State is late March and gives one final shot to TX teams attending to win a bid to Worlds (Excellence only). Vex Worlds is late April. All event details can be found on the Robot Events website.


How do u qualify through regional tourneys? I’m new to TX so I just assumed it was the same as SoCal

@Connor, yes that is understandable, but this is possibly my last year participating in VEX. I would really like to attend worlds.

the time for those is over

Alright, i was asking because our comp. date is March 26

Regionals have to be over by mid-march. What tournament are you going to?

Quick update. Went 6-1-0 in quals. Lost in quarters to a good alliance that seeded poorly. We did not qualify or get in off double quals. Hoping very much for a spot from the waitlist.


Texas has 4 regions, and each one has a regional event that quals for worlds (West texas and panhandle is region 1, DFW is region 2, Houston is region 3, Austin-San Antonio is region 4). In addition, there is the UIL state competition that exists for some reason and provides a last chance to texas teams that want to go there.

This statement confuses me.

Please elaborate.


I was already notified, did you do skills?