Worlds Waitlist Qualification

Does your team have to qualify for worlds to go on the waitlist?

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No, the waitlist is for teams who have not qualified for worlds, and still want to attend.


When will they pull from the waitlist?

that is a good question - the answer, when they need to. Right now there are still Championship events being held. I would not expect drawing from Waitlist until there is a reason to do so.


Won’t there be pulls from the waitlist since singapore cannot attend?

well instead of bit by bit, RECF will be making their announcement next week (mid-March) about impact of Covid-19 and how spots will be distributed and the role of Waitlist.

So please be patient, there are lot of factors to consider and RECF has been working with public health officials globals to manage the season best as possible.


Is there any way of know our waitlist spot or are we just waiting until announcements too?

I have never seen the list of teams on waitlists that are not my events.

Sorry to disappoint you - the spots from Singapore is generally pretty insignificant. Lol…

But I agree with some of the posters - it makes more sense for recf to wait a while longer, better assess the situation and then make one announcement, rather than to release the wait list bit by bit.


Small in number of spots maybe, but definitely not insignificant…

8059 actually too OP. The Singapore spots will be missed.


Singapore only has about 2-3 spots, its china’s spots that are gonna need to be filled since there is a federal travel ban on china right now


My problem is my district just said we aren’t allowed to leave the state for school related events.

No more Colorado teams…

By “still want to attend” do you mean watch?

huh odd coincedence that i happened to be at vex worlds representing the school team
yea but no official school paperwork so not a school event Mr. Admin

i wouldn’t do this but it is a path

Would all Colorado teams be restricted for the next month and a half?