World's Webcast

I am not attending Worlds this year, but I will be watching the webcast. My question is…

What time does the Webcast start? Does it start tomorrow, or today?
Also, will the recording’s be archived somewhere to watch at a later date?


For recording, the RWC are being streamed on UStream, which automatically saves all recordings. The event should be available on the individual division stream pages at UStream.

UStream doesn’t automatically save all recordings; it must be enabled by the streamer. (in this case VEX.)

Do you know when the webcast will be live so I can watch it?

Thanks :smiley:

Normally it will go live the moment the qualifying rounds start.
But if you are targeting specific matches or teams, then you will need to wait for the match schedules to be out, and then take note of the tentative timings.

Do you have a time? Our team planned a little party to watch worlds and I am unsure whether we can watch at 3:00 tomorrow on the east coast.

Anyone know when VEX via will be ready?

Here are some links at the following location:

Additionally, the robot events page used to have the link, but the updated page’s links don’t work. Hopefully they get them up and running soon.


So, the matches start at 2:00PM correct?

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