Worlds: Where to get food?

I was just wondering where you would recommend eating while we are in Dallas?

The convention center has a food area, no other food is allowed inside.

What about for supper, where is good and reasonable?

Hi Jon,

My team was disappointed to hear your team was not staying at the Hyatt.

As far as food goes, you can spend quite a bit in the evening if you are not careful. But we did find a few places last year that we can pass on to you once we get to Dallas. If you want to seek out your own places, you just need to do a bit of walking and reading menus in the windows.


Just use Google maps or Google Earth to find locations around Dallas, most places are within walking distance.

The city is amazing at night anyway!

I agree, the city is awesome at night. Though I gotta say, its incredibly quiet… very different compared to Chicago. Last year during the world champs we walked to Friday’s for dinner and bought food from the concession stands during competition.


Unlimited refills $3 all day for fountain drinks inside the convention center, or so I hear from the members who went to worlds last year (I didn’t go :()

We were disappointed too. By the time we signed up, the Hyatt wasn’t available.