Hello everyone, My team qualified for worlds this weekend and I was wondering if anyone would share their methods of advertising their team at worlds so people know your team is there.

Give out free stuff, and seed high!

It’s good to have a one pager or small brochure on your robot and team to hand out to judges and other teams. Make it interesting and stand out, it will make your team be remembered when it comes to alliance selection or awards deliberations.

We usually do photo & video reveal a week before worlds.
2014 DiscoBots Reveal

looks like a nice robot. how did you color it like that?

Um I wouldn’t try it, it takes a lot of time and effort but if you want too you have to strip the metal. Then you have to scruff up the metal prime it and then paint it three times and you are done. If you were you I wouldn’t do it.

I think those were anodized aluminum pieces.

You can do it yourself but there are plenty of places you could send metal out to be anodized too. Acids and lye are not items to treat lightly.

A quick google search found these folks to do it for you. I have no idea if this is close to you in IL or even cheap. I think you have enough money to spend next year starting your own club.

Last year at Worlds, if you were in the possession of food - any kind of food - then you got the attention of everyone there. (“Yo, dude, like, where did you find something to eat? Did you have to stand in line for more than two hours?”)

This year, I’m thinking the best way to gain attention for your team will be to find some middle school mentors and hand them large bags full of cash. Preferably paper currency in large denominations.

Tell me what booth number ill bike down there just for that.:stuck_out_tongue: Also remind me to bring tons of garbage bags and for food just bring some ham bread and cheese and make sandwiches.

A quick google search found these folks to do it for you. I have no idea if this is close to you in IL or even cheap. I think you have enough money to spend next year starting your own club.
That’s very close to me but we have a local company that does it I got a quote it was like a dollar for a pound of metal.

Middle school mentors like you???..

I’ll be sure to have a large bag of very priceless printer paper money, perhaps in the $1,000,000 bills, just for you.

My team, 979A will be wearing tan trench coats because we are Inspector Gadget. We will probably also do a reveal some time, and then pass out fliers at worlds.

How many fliers would you guys suggest we print before hand?

100 maybe…

Gosh, I don’t even know who’s face is on a one million dollar bill. Would it be Karthik’s? James Pearman’s, perhaps? I’m dying to find out! :slight_smile:

You’ll need more than 100. Keep in mind there are over 450 teams that go to worlds, not including mentors, parents, etc. So 100 won’t last you the whole time if people are always picking stuff up. I think our team is doing about 300 of what we’re giving out.

There are 5 divisions, and you won’t need to advertise to teams in other divisions. There also won’t be interest from every team in your division, and you don’t really need to advertise yourself to low ranking teams. 100 flyers seems like a good amount, but 150 would probably be playing it safe.

If you have something fun that everyone wants (frisbees, candy, etc.) that’s a different story and you will probably want a lot more.

Getting Buttons made is always a popular thing. We used to get about 1000 buttons for 1961C with out logo and hand them out. Its always fun to see people sporting your buttons, especially when you are going against them or they are in the stands cheering.

Rumor has it that 62 will be giving out 2200mAh Batteries. For Phones and USB Stuff :smiley:

Well, I know where I am going to spend the majority of my time…