I noticed that, besides qualifying through state tournaments, you can also qualify to worlds by being on the world skills ranking. Is it the top 35 teams, or the top 35 that haven’t already qualified?

It is the top 35 regardless if they have already qualified.

If people are double qualified what happens? @Avery_8675A

If a team qualifies for World’s from their State Championship and from Skills, they go to World’s. It has NO effect on anyone else’s spot at World’s or on anyone else’s qualification for Worlds. For example, if team 99999Z wins the Excellence award at their state championship and they are in the top 35 in the World in skills at the deadline, then they go to World’s if they choose. However, it does not mean that another team can take one of the spots that 99999Z qualified for. The Skills qualification spots are totally independent of any other qualifications. It is expected that many of the teams that qualify through skills have also qualified in other ways.

It is top 35 for high school teams and top 15 for middle school.

In past seasons, teams lower in the rankings have been invited due to duplicate qualifiers.

This also applies to within your state.

For example:
Your state takes tournament champions, robot skills winner, excellence, and top 3 state skills scores to worlds…

team 123A wins robot skills winner at state championships with a score that ALSO made the the #1 score in the state.

This would now allow the FOURTH place team in your state to be invited, as the 2nd and 3rd ranked teams would now fill the 1st and 2nd invitation spot.

A big example would be my team back in 2014 (i think)

We were ranked 6th or 7th in the province but due to the top skills teams in the province qualifying through alternate methods, along with double-qualifying, this opened spots to the next ranked skills teams (at the time, they alternated between prog skills and driver skills scores)

This is correct, but keep in mind that this is only for the Worlds (and States) qualifying spots given to a state, region, or country.

For the top 35 / top 15 in Skills (and Online Challenge winners), double-qualified spots don’t roll down to the next-best team.

(In other words, if you are 36th in the world in Skills for high school, your World Skills Ranking does not by itself guarantee you a Worlds spot, even if some of the top 35 teams double-qualify.)

If there are still open spots left at the end, the extra spots would go to teams who are on the waitlist for Worlds. (I’m not exactly sure how it works, but I seem to remember that these spots usually go to teams fairly close to the city where Worlds is held, because these teams will be more likely to be able to make the trip to Worlds on short notice.)

Which to this day still somewhat irks me. I actually wish they defaulted to remaining skills spots if the top 35 HS/15 MS multi-qualified.

And even knowing how they base their numbers off, it could be solved with just giving regions/states more spots.