Worm Gearbox Photoshop

This isn’t really important at all, but seeing as how a recent post brought up typos on the website, I thought I would contribute. I’ve noticed this for a while, but never thought to say anything, but the toothy gear in the worm gearbox is Photoshopped on: http://www.vexrobotics.com/products/accessories/motion/275-1187.html
I’m just curious as to why was this done? Since one side is cut off, could the gear not be supported?

Never would’ve noticed that it is quite obvious though

I think several parts of the assembly have been shopped together and the worm wheel is just the most obvious part. The delrin bearing on the right looks a bit dodge too (it’s a mirror of the one on the left).

I don’t think there’s anything really wrong with this, someone probably just decided that combining several photos was easier than constructing the assembly and taking a new photo. The result gets the point across. I’ve done the same myself.