Worse luck ever.... Any suggestions

Well Easy C would not load on my computer this morning. Gave them a ring this morning. They said reinstall Easy C… And said to delete it out… I did… Now every time I try to download it to the computer again, it freezes up. I didn’t get to save my programs to a USB or anything (And won’t take long to rewrite) but that is if it ever loads up. Any suggestions? Right now I have our program downloaded on the robot for competition, but I need to be able to switch back and forth and now I cant… Besides praying, any suggestions?

I don’t have any significant suggestions, however, your code should still be under your home directory I would have thought. Under XP it would be at a path something like this.

C:\Documents and Settings\Eric\My Documents\Intelitek\easyC V4 for Cortex\Projects

In terms of the install issue we need to know a lot more about your PC

Are you running XP or Windows 7?
How did you uninstall?
What changes we you making when this issue started?
Did windows do an update?
Did you de authorize EasyC before uninstalling it?
At what point during the install process does it lock up?

My only (semi useful) advice for tomorrow is to borrow another PC.

Windows 7 home addition.
Locks up from the start. I have out tech lady coming to help.

If you’re able to locate another computer to use, you get a 7-day free trial on the download of EasyCv4, so that should get you through the day until you can reinstall on your original computer. You probably have the link, but just in case, it’s: http://www.intelitekdownloads.com/easyCV4/ As jpearman stated, your programs should still be on the old computer (most likely in the path he gave), even if you’ve uninstalled the program. If not, try searching for files with the extension *.ECPX

Once you find the files, you can copy the entire folder for each program, which includes all the auxiliary files. But if you choose to copy only specific files, you’ll need both the *.ECPX and *.BDS files to open up your program.

We feel your pain! Two days before our first competition this season, our Cortex and Joystick refused to pair, and stepping through the pairing sequence in the manual didn’t help. However, because we had old equipment, we had the luxury of reverting to the old electronic system with crystals. At the tournament, none of the other teams could get the pairing to work (which was both comforting and frustrating), but we eventually got it working after the tournament (of course).

Thanks guys! I didn’t know I could download it from the website… Would be a great option… Right now I think I have a virus. Our IT person is running 3 programs to see what it comes up with. Should be done w/in the hour or so… After that I will try reloading software one more time, if that doesn’t work, I will download online… And find my old files… Thanks for the help.

Home edition?

Chris: Yes… LOL… Sorry… In a rush… Edition… To many years of teaching math maybe? No explanation.

Update… The scans my IT person is running are finally helping… Now it recognized the USB driver so I was able to save my previous files that I wrote… Thanks for letting me know the file path. It still has a little left on the scan to finish… (She ran 3 different scans) After that I will restart my computer and try the Easy C software… If that doesn’t load I will then try the free version. Thanks for all the help!

At the tournament, there will be competition switches, so switching between driver and autonomous shouldn’t be a worry if you can’t bring a computer with Easy C in it.

Since you’re reloading EasyCv4 onto a computer that used to have EasyCv4, I’m not sure if you’ll be able to get the 7-day free trial (it starts counting down from the first download, so only “virgin” computers get the 7-day trial).

One of 2 things should happen when you try to open up EasyCv4:

  1. Your previous license/code was somehow preserved despite the reinitialization, and it may take you to an initialization screen, but it will automatically run its paces and say “initialization successful” and allow you to open EasyCv4 normally. If so, you’re home free.

  2. Your previous code got lost in the shuffle, and when you try to open EasyCv4, it will say “LICENSE EXPIRED”. In that case, can try using the CD key that you used to originally install the software. If that doesn’t work, you can call Intelitek, 1-800-777-6268, Tech support at ext. 158, and they might be able to reset your code. But they’re probably getting close to the end of the work week.

@eloveless: How did your team (and you) survive your first event? Oh, the drama…

I’m also interested to hear how your tournament went. Since your design is much simpler than ours, I expect it went a lot better than our 1st tournament… coughcough26thplacecough.

Made top 10. Ended up 7th in quarter finals. In our first three matches the bot messed up badly. Got some fixes and did great our last 4 seeding matches. Had a GREAT time. Kids had a blast. Wish we had a tournament tomorrow :slight_smile:

How far into the Eliminations did you get?

And that is how a robotics addiction is formed:o