Worst. Match. Ever

Currently, the PA Eastern State Championship is taking place, and the judging I have seen is horribly questionable. Starting our match, our controller would not run the code or shut down. We told the referee after this happened before the match and they said we “gave a thumbs up” which we did not. They ran the match ignoring us as we got it working in the last ten seconds with half working code. After we ended up losing, we talked to the head referee and after discussion decided on a re-run at 12:40. After cpnvincing every team to show up at 12:40, no redo took place. We waited for five minutes then talked to a referee which said that “we weren’t all there” so it was no redo. We had all been there and waiting, so I talked to the head of our club who was the head referee for the high school division (I am currently eighth grade) and said that it was just dropped. I feel as though this is just an issue on something and must me changed in some way.

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There are worse, like your robot catching fire…

at least it’s not elims.

It had ruined our ranking though. Currently 25th.

The day is long. good luck!

Still ruined our ranking. I really believe the judging should be better.

Most likely Actually ruined our chance to pass the quarterfinals by placing us against different opponents. This is the saddest competition I’ve been to.

I’ve gotten to elims with all but one match lost, and second to last in the rankings. If your team wins most of your other matches you’ll recover.

10th ranked alliance, ruined us.

We may not have a better chance to pass the quarters because of this one match that we were robbed of. Worst VEX experience in my EDR career.

Does your district have a HS program?

One that has two hours per week of build w/ V4 plus the occasional competition. This competition was, by far, the worst I’ve been to.

and you can make it better :slight_smile:

tbh complaining about bad luck on the forums isn’t going to get you any help. We’ve all had our share of unluckiness, most of us worse then your situation. I would be amazed if I were ranked 10th at states. You can talk afterwards to your ref’s and EP’s and tell them how you feel, and maybe then you can come to some agreement to prevent this in the future.

and on top of what @lacsap said, you should definitely try to improve your program. Last year my high school’s program only went to 2 events, and only met once a week. This year, my team got to attend 7 events, and put in more than 100 hours of dedication. Next year I plan on improving it even more so, so that our team can maybe get to states.


I think this post should be taken a bit more seriously. I’m sure there are better routes than complaining on the forums, probably the thing to do would be to talk to a higher up in your region, but this is a legitimate issue. That was really unprofessional on the part of the refs, and if they had any similar behavior it should be brought to someone’s attention. I think op is coming off a little bitter, but someone should be notified of a situation like that.

I would suspect that they have been notified. I would take it at face value - a bad match, not feeling good about it. However, one match alone does not drop you to 25th rank. ending the day at 10th rank… well, a lot of teams have been there, and usually it is not due to one bad match.

So, have lemons? make lemonade… and that’s the best you can do at the end of a day. an 8th grader moving up to HS applies this experience to make things better is a good thing.

Combustible lemons ftw.

Mostly agreed here. We all have terrible luck. At my first comp, I was having field communication issues, and lost because of it in nearly all of my quals. (Props to those teams who carried me for the last half.) Long story. Complaining here won’t do any good, so I won’t do it.

This field issue should’ve definitely been addressed. Who knows how many other teams’ matches this destroyed?

Your complaints were with the refs, not the judges. And there was a RECF member there all day, you could have escalated to Tom the event partner or to Chris RECF right there / right then. Posting here on the forum is way too late.


Laughs Buddy, of my 9 matches 7 of them I had my teammate either brake within seconds of drivers or disconnect for the entire match. OR have another robot on top of you for the match. OR lose by 1 point. try 0-9 and being last place.

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It’s not a competition to see who has the worst luck. This thread is about referees handling a situation improperly.