Worst NBN ball shooter data plot ever?

My kids kluged together some kind of flywheel ball shooter, so I asked them to experiment with the green ball and orange ball, which were the only balls they had at the time. I wanted to see if there was a difference in how the balls behaved, so I asked them to plot out the data and send it to me. Here is the data plot I got from them:


I’m told the upper cluster is for the green ball, the lower cluster is for the orange. The thing in the center is a vacuum cleaner.

Is this why the USA is falling behind in technology? :frowning:
I’m trying to think of how to translate into Latin, “Today the vacuum cleaner, tomorrow the stars!” and make that their team motto. :rolleyes:


Im sure we will see more and more of this result…

Why the vacuum though haha?

By the way Google translate says it is,

Hodie in vacuo praesidium stellarum

Hodie in vacuo… I like the sound of that, whatever it means. That by itself seems to say it all! :slight_smile: